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Spencer Backflow Prevention

Prompt, Professional Service for Businesses in Spirit Lake

Backflow prevention devices are designed to protect your water supply from contamination. At Midwestern Mechanical Inc., we understand that these devices are necessary, and required by law to be in working condition. Whether you need a device installed, repaired, or tested, we offer services for backflow prevention in Spencer, Spirit Lake, Okoboji, Milford, and surrounding areas to meet your needs.

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The Importance of Backflow Prevention

When there is a loss of water pressure, it can cause water to flow backward in the system, which is known as backsiphonage. This can cause the water supply to become contaminated with toxic chemicals and other contaminants. Depending on the contaminants that are present in the water, this can cause a potential public health crisis.

A loss of water pressure may be caused by:

  • Water main breaks

  • High water usage, such as for fighting fires

  • Sprinkler systems for watering lawns

  • Certain industrial equipment

  • Cooling towers

  • Fire sprinkler systems

  • Hose attachments for sink faucets

  • Mop sinks

  • Water or chemical tanks

  • The elevation of a building

Backflow prevention devices are designed to prevent back-siphonage in the event of a sudden drop in water pressure. The device senses a change in pressure or water flow and quickly turns off the water supply. This prevents contamination of the fresh water supply and protects public health.

Fully Certified for Backflow Prevention

If you are looking for a professional for backflow prevention in Spencer, call Midwestern Mechanical Inc. We are licensed for backflow prevention device testing, installations, and repairs in Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Nebraska. Our service technicians are fully trained as well as ABPA and ASSE Certified with extensive knowledge of backflow prevention devices and testing procedures.

When we come to your home or business for annual backflow prevention testing, you should expect to have your water supply briefly interrupted during the testing process. We work to minimize the disruption to your business, and the water is only turned off for about 10 to 30 minutes. We recommend informing anyone present in your home or commercial facility of this interruption in advance.

Backflow Prevention Services

In addition to installing a backflow prevention device, you are required to have the devices tested annually. The law requires that testing be conducted by a certified and licensed professional. You will be notified of the testing requirement. At Midwestern Mechanical Inc., we offer reliable services for backflow prevention in Spencer, Okoboji, and the surrounding communities.

Our backflow prevention services include:

  • New backflow prevention device installation

  • Testing

  • Inspections

  • Repairs

We are committed to providing the highest quality service, best products on the market, and exceptional customer service on every job. When you need help quickly, we are able to respond to your call with same day service or emergency service for problems that happen after our normal business hours. Make sure you check out our professional AC repair before those hot summer months get here! Read our testimonials to see what other people think!

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